Capitol Store Supply and Fixtures – Ecommerce Digital Special

storesupplyfixtures in collaboration with Alert Computer Services presents Capitol Store Supply and Fixtures new domain,; A  UPS integrated Internet storefront selling their vast catalog of store supply fixtures, direct to consumer, with no monthly sales or sku based fees such as those found with subscription based ecommerce solutions. Unlimited SKUs, Unlimited Sales. This same platform automatically aggregates products from existing Amazon and Ebay sales channels.

Site features include predictive text searching, shopping cart, UPS integration, payment gateway integration, and Google + integration on the websites news feed blog. Manage products using the WordPress dashboard, or for large product databases, manage using your favorite spreadsheet program like Excel.



Peter Petty Orchestra at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium- HD Multi Camera Production

Foxyea HD Multi Camera Production crew presents Minnie the Moocher performed by Peter Petty Orchestra during the Great Gatsby Prohibition Party at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. This event for the Sacramento Ballet Great Gatsby show was attended by the cast and many of the ballet’s supporters. Look for another great Prohibition Party in early 2014!




SacGroove 2013 – HD Promo Video and Interview

Sacramento CA 2013: Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation presents SacGroove 2013. Formerly Blues for Life, the festival raises money to benefit the direct support work that Albie Aware does in Sacramento for women facing breast cancer. To promote the festival, Foxyea and Albie Aware teamed up on a promotional video featuring footage from two performances and an interview with singer and songwriter Keri Carr, her mom Teri, a breast cancer survivor, and Cindy Love, Executive Director of Albie Aware.



AccessLocal.TV – Content Production Hi-Lights 2012 continues to provide webmedia support to Access Sacramento’s AccessLocal.TV Neighborhood News program. Here are the hi-lights from our Youth Neighborhood News Development report for 2012!

October 2010 through December 2010 – 20 AccessLocal.TV Posts

•Access Sacramento forms Neighborhood News partnerships with South Sacramento Non-Profits utilizing WordPress Multisite

•AccessLocal.TV creates accounts for Neighborhood News Partners to control their own content and edit their own stories.

•AccessLocal.TV Pilot Content provided by Access Sacramento staff and volunteers.

•Members can upload Stories, Images, and Videos about their Neighborhoods.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

•AccessLocal.TV hosts workshops to train the trainers on using WordPress to post content.

•South Sacramento Partners begin posting content with images and video.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

January 2011 through June 2011 – 120 AccessLocal.TV Posts

•Social Media Sharing is Added to all stories and pages of AccessLocal.TV

•Youth Media Forum creates Youth Driven Neighbordhood News Videos.

•AccessLocal.TV home page begins to rotate images linking to other Youth Driven News sites in Sacramento.

•AccessLocal.TV and AccessSacramento host Local Media Open House featuring commercial and non-profit news organizations featuring websites and videos with free wifi and giveaways.

•AccessLocal.TV features CAEndowment Building Healthy Communities Video showcasing youth driven content in South Sacramento.

•Stories from Neighborhood News Partners showcase community center activities.

•New Member Accounts are added at the request of Neighborhood News Partners.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

July 2011 through December 2011 – 341 AccessLocal.TV Posts

•AccessLocal.TV becomes aggregated by Sacramento Bee’s SacConnect and News10 My Neighbordhood programs.

•Youth Media Task Force Formed to bring additional stories and Videos to AccessLocal.TV.

•Isaac Gonzalez is hired on a part time basis to develop Youth Driven Neighbordhood News content and trainings.

•AccessLocal.TV design is updated and new design is researched and developed with feedback from content providers and Neighborhood News Partners.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

January 2012 through June 2012 – 725 AccessLocal.TV Posts

•New AccessLocal.TV design is implemented featuring full page for desktops and mobile enhanced layout.

•Youth Internship Program is announced to add Youth Driven Neighbordhood News Content.

•Isaac Gonzalez begins working on a full time basis creating content and training Non-Profit Partners.

•AccessLocal.TV and AccessSacramento host second Local Media Open House featuring commercial and non-profit news organizations featuring websites and videos with free wifi and giveaways.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

June 2012 through December 2012 – 1,110 AccessLocal.TV Posts

•AccessLocal.TV Youth Neighbordhood News Correspondent program is established headed by Isaac Gonzalez, youth are paid and trained to produce stories, images, and videos.

•AccessLocal.TV implements the AccessLocal.TV GeoLocator to feature maps on every page of the website showing where in Sacramento stories are written about.

•AccessLocal.TV GeoLocator post view features the CA Endowment Building Healthy Communities Zone outline showing South Sacramento Neighborhood News Impact.

•AccessLocal.TV hosts a Youth Driven Media live broadcast from SacramentoPress featuring live video chat guest appearances from 2 Sacramento HighSchools.

•Youth Neighborhood News Correspondent produced Podcasts are added.

•Video Production Green Screen equipment, support, and training are established for Neighborhood News Partners.

•Feedback from Neighborhood News Partners about features and work flow is implemented into site updates.

Kelly Novo Health Coaching – Web Media Digital Special

Check out; Another Digital Special by Foxyea. Sacramento based health coach Kelly Novo provides one on one certified health and life coaching. Kelly Novo started and a facebook page to promote their work in the Sacramento area. Visitors to the site can sign up for their email list and submit requests to begin sessions.

Alliance for Community Media

ACM International Conference in Tucson Approaches…

We are currently getting ready for a presentation of AccessLocal.TV at the Alliance for Community Media International Conference in Tucson. Scheduled for the last week of July, the conference brings together community media players from all over to share ideas and showcase technology.

Foxyea will present an overview of the AccessLocal.TV project and provide input on panels regarding web media technology, PEG integrations, and Neighborhood News programs. - Web Media Services by – Web Media Services by - Web Media Services by

Downtown Sacramento: Cycling enthusiasts in Sacramento California have enjoyed the support of Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, or SABA, for nearly ten years. Their monthly newsletter, The Squeaky Wheel, is loaded with stories written by cyclists for cyclists. A great way to find out more about bicycling in the river city, SABA hosts many activities and meetups including their award winning Bike Valet service, which gives event promoters a way of providing convenient and safe bicycle parking.  Their latest website build,, is a great example of Foxyea Web Media Services. Foxyea integrated a design developed by SABA members, into the latest WordPress Publishing platform.

Neighborhood News

ACM West features AccessLocal.TV by Foxyea

Reno NV: Over the weekend community media enthusiasts from all over the western United States, along with a few from the east, gathered in Reno Nevada for the Alliance for Community Media Western Region Conference. The ACM West oversees the prestigious WAVE Awards, which are awarded to Community Access television and film producers for their work in a wide range of categories. Along with the award ceremony, the conference hosts workshops on a variety of community media related topics. This year, Kristian Manoff from Foxyea Web Media spoke at two of the workshops in which AccessLocal.TV Beta was featured. Along with WordPress MU, Buddypress and VideoPress, the workshops also covered Miro

Community, a great way to aggregate video from multiple web sources into a single RSS Media feed. Another popular topic of the conference was the emergence of Neighborhood News as a way to incorporate citizen reporting into community media centers the way that Access Sacramento is doing with their Neighborhood News Bureaus program. Development is underway for the next release of AccessLocal.TV, which will continue to bring together all of these technologies and concepts into a Hyper-Local focused web media system.


Neighborhood News at the Neighborhood Summit 2010

May 21st 2010 Sacramento CA: The Sacramento Convention Center was the site of this years Neighborhood Summit. Attended by Sacramento health and service vendors, the summit also featured a presentation from Access Sacramento’s Neighborhood News team, AccessLocal.TV. The presentation included an overview of the campaign by Ron Cooper from Access Sacramento, and Kristian Manoff from Foxyea Web Media. They showcased the new AccessLocal.TV website and WordPress MU interface to a packed conference room, and fielded questions from budding journalists and interested community members. While some in the audience had a lot of questions about the security needs of site with this scope, the majority of the audience wanted to know where to sign up.

Access Sacramento has identified five locations that will host Neighborhood News Bureaus in South Sacramento County. The NNB’s will report their stories using AccessLocal.TV built by Foxyea Web Media and powered by WordPress MU. Along with providing an interface for NNB Reporters, the website also includes the social networking plugin BuddyPress which allows the Reporters and Subscribers to be part of an online community.

Currently in its beta phase, AccessLocal.TV is hoping to build popularity and adoption into the community as an outlet for those voices often overlooked by commercial media.

AccessLocal.TV Beta Released!

Access Sacramento continues to gather support for their Neighborhood News project. In a recent move prompted by a consultation with the CSUS Digital Media department, the domain name was changed from AsIsOnline.TV to AccessLocal.TV.

“We liked AccessLocal.TV because it communicates what we are doing, stewarding media access to Sacramento’s South County area.” Said Ron Cooper, Executive Director.

While the project is initially focusing on the South County area, due to its ethnic diversity and lower economic demographic, the site will feature content from all over California, and beyond. Check out the beta site at:

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