The need for a Public Access Vlogging option, the BuddyPress Difference.

A vlog is a website that contains posts with video typically organized in reverse chronological order. Blogging and Vlogging have become a popular past time of many people. Technorati currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs. When the term was first introduced in 1999, web blogs were mostly online journals. Today blogs are used for everything from journaling, to promoting businesses and local news content. With the emergence of this new form of media as an effective way of building idea recognition, there is a rising need to steward blogging to all demographics, ethnic groups, and economic levels. AccessLocal.TV and the Neighborhood News program begin to meet this need, while extending to its members the opportunity to benefit from Local Access Television and Radio resources and audiences.

While blogging gives Internet users a way to quickly publish their ideas, social media gives them a way to communicate with each other. Social media website FaceBook boasts that it has reached over 300 million members. While the level of privacy provided by social media websites is often debated, there is no question as to popularity or the ability of a social network to create a lot of exposure for its users ideas. Thanks to BuddyPress, a plugin for WordPress MU, AccessLocal.TV is also a social media community allowing its members to connect with each other, comment on each others work, as well as leave each other public and private messages.

Knight Grant Application Submitted: As Is Online.TV Preview Released

So after months of work and a lot of input from the community, Access Sacramento submitted the proposal for the South Sacramento County Neighborhood News program to the James T. Knight Foundation’s Knight News Challenge Grant. The program is to focus on providing journalism tools and video hosting to low income areas in South Sacramento, and to anyone in Sacramento and beyond who wants to take an active role in producing content. To see the preview, visit AsIsOnline.TV, another Foxyea Web Media build.

Video Press Video Systems

Bringing you the very best in Open Source Media platforms, Foxyea Web Media Applications is working with Access Sacramento to bring you Asisonline.TV. In collaboration with Video Streaming Services Corporation, Foxyea is developing a VOD PEG Access system for Access Sacramento, who proudly provides Sacramento Public Access Cable Channels 17 and 18. Visit Asisonline.TV or check out our home page to see Video Press in action.

Foxyea Web Media and Access Sacramento Present Asisonline.TV

We are currently developing a self hosted on-demand video hosting and sharing website for Access Sacramento. See below for a public demo of selections from A Place Called Sacramento 2009 Film Festival as delivered by this Open Source Platform.

PCS 2009: Midnight Snack

No Midnight Snacking!

PCS 2009 Introduction

Access Sacramento’s Place Called Sacramento 2009 Introduction.

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