About Us

A bit of inspiration

Foxyea Enterprises is proud to present Foxyea Launch Your Imagination. Established to bring you quality web presence in the form of products and services that merge art and technology.

We were established in 2008 in Sacramento California by Kristian Manoff, who is still our Chief Media Architect. We do not post our mailing address anywhere if we can help it. Email, or the contact form on this website are the best way to get ahold of us and request more official corespondents. Chances are, we can come to you, either in person, or otherwise.

Our main focus is building quality search engine optimized websites and advertising campaigns using Google Adwords and local area ad networks. We pride ourselves on reducing the risk and confusion of building Internet and Web presence through software development, marketing, outreach, and analysis. We specialize in integrating digital media with the web including video, audio, and application sharing in live and on-demand formats.

Foxyea.com is our main development blog for ongoing projects. We post our work, and information about the projects we are contributing to. For more information, or to tell us about your project, please Contact Us.

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