Digital Special

You have a great idea. Maybe its a new project that needs to be shared with the world, or maybe its an old passion that needs to be updated. More than a website, this idea needs a buzz around it, a rapid way of generating a two way conversation with those who really want and need the information you are providing.

The Foxyea Digital Special is a quick affordable way to bring any idea to the web using the WordPress Publishing Platform. Check out theseĀ Digital Specials to see what we are talking about.

A Foxyea Digital Special establishes your content on your own website, while automatically sharing it with your email list and social media networks, and making your ideas ready for Internet advertising and outreach. This gives you a huge advantage over just social networking your content, while improving your social network and Internet search engine presence.

In addition to eliminating the extra steps needed in posting and sharing content, Foxyea Digital Specials get you more email contacts, likes, followers, pins, stumbleupons, views, +1′s, and high fives!

We want to hear about what you are working on and how we can help; Contact us, for more information.

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