Best Way to Design and Build a website in 2024 and LevelUp by Foxyea

Foxyea Inc. announces the release of LevelUp by Foxyea. LevelUp is the best way to build a website in 2024 with everything you need to succeed and be seen from engaging content and high quality back links that will have your site appearing in searches and engaging visitors. In addition to content creation, LevelUp comes with a full suite of lead generating and product selling features to help you connect with and manage customer relationships. Whether you are just starting out, or if you have an existing website, we include everything you need to LevelUp.

Conversational Design

Utilizing conversational elements in your design allows you to connect with your audience in those first moments of an interaction. This can include chat elements and AI interaction blocks. At Foxyea our expertise in designing and maintaining web media components gives you the opportunity to upgrade your offered experience and create meaningful connections that you can follow up on and grow and learn from.

Software Services Creating Connections

At Foxyea we are ever exploring and discovering new ways to utilize software and services to create connections. Whether it is through designing a direct to consumer website experience, or through live streaming and webinars, or finding new approaches to create conversations with your channel. Foxyea provides ways to capture these conversations so they can grow into long term loyal connections.

Web Media is For All

Everyone can utilize web media in the form of live streams, websites, videos, downloadable books and courses, music videos, short videos, long videos, live streaming video with chat, video conferencing and webinars, or through photography and graphic design. At you will find more information about how you can utilize web media to connect and interact with your audience.

Web Media Services for 2024

AI Chatbot Design for your website or web application

Live streaming support

Video and audio production support

Graphic design and development including merchandise and label design and support

Website design and development including WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace consulting and support web app consulting

Content strategy consulting including distribution and social posting

Event production design and support